You Need To Know When To Say Bye

Freeing your life of clutter – physical or mental – is a continual process where effort and consistency are key to tidy up. Compartmentalizing and some soul searching would help you attain that Zen, and keep it that way too!

Clutter can take a number of forms – it could be an overflowing wardrobe, a messy kitchen or an over piled work space. Or they could also be certain habits, thoughts, responsibilities, beliefs etc. that are adding on to your stress, leading to clutter in your mind and consequently to your body – for only a healthy mind can support a healthy body.

My commandments when it comes to de-cluttering has been very constant throughout. But in all honestly I was able to implement them effectively and reap their benefits only after marriage when I became a homemaker and had one more hat to juggle with. I’ve consciously made an effort to put into effect these mantras and now, you can too!

Clean up Physical Clutter – Physical disarray leads to emotional clutter. So learn to choose and loose the rest. One way of maintaining this is to review and revert to this process periodically. The other way is to keep stuff where they belong, to prevent cluttering up.

Learn to let go – Enjoy the joy of giving by donating stuff that you have not used for a while but have simply allowed to remain – be it a favorite piece from your wardrobe, some tool from your kitchen, certain stationary from your work-space and so on.

Minimalist approach – Being happy with the small joys and with little things is an art that needs to be cultivated.

Take time off from online activities or electronic engagements – These feed us with a constant flow of ideas and thoughts that belong to others and hence can be overburdening at times.

Never overburden yourself and learn to take up things serially – Learn to say no. Take as much you can manage. The key to multitasking is to take things one at a time so that you can focus properly and perform better.

Connect with people who matter – Talking to people of the same wavelength may help you overcome any confusion or dilemmas cluttering your mind.

Connect with your inner self and motivate – Set some time aside for yourself so as to straighten your mind and thoughts. This would help you to relax and also come to terms with your own mind and ideas and consequently organize them. For me, writing really helps in this process as it makes my thoughts more tangible and hence more achievable.

In this lookH&M halter dress and sunglasses, Satya Paul scarf, Marks and Spencer slides. Photography by Dramantram Productions. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLacePenned by Soumyasree ChakrabortyT&L Réseau Production. 

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