Welcome To TrimmingsAndLace

Welcome To TrimmingsAndLace - Agam Preet

I stared at this blank screen for an hour, wading and procrastinating the thoughts that filled my mind, reviewing them to be not good enough for an introduction.  These 60 minutes, hence, became an opportunity for me to revisit some hundreds of penned thoughts, relive the beginnings that were, the individuals we were, the personalities we have become, the hits and the misses, the memories made and the memories that remain, the constitution of words, the juxtaposition of them in lives and the mere significance of having words at all. Why did words become so important? When did words become relevant and what needs to be done to keep up their relevance. In times when lives have time-lapsed, memories have time-lined, reflexes being called to action and instincts recalled, does the world need another plethora of words making lives seem like a project to be worked upon. Maybe not.

Welcome to TrimmingsAndLace. We do blank canvases and spotless screens, because we believe in filling them up with stories – yours and ours.  Because we believe in dreams, struggles and victories – yours and ours. Because we believe in the power of a loving hand to change lives as much as we believe in the power of an outfit to make us become who we really want to be. And most importantly, because we believe in words and their ability to bring us all together. Well, haven’t you heard when they say SALE.

In this lookSahiba Singh floral pleated gown, Karleo headband. Photography by Agamit. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLace for Karleo. A T&L Réseau Production.

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