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Although a lot has been said, enough cannot be said about the importance of skincare. I also believe that skincare or the very need of it shouldn’t be bracketed into type or age. The requirements may vary at every phase, but we cannot dismiss the existence of this particular habit.

As a teenager I had my bout with acne, something which propelled me to take care of my skin early on. Enter the second half of 20s, the skincare wake-up bell rings harder and literally stares you back as you stand in front of your dressing mirror. The one very reason that the launch of Himalaya’s new range of ‘anti-age’ products had me all excited.

I’ve had a very wonderful experience using the Himalaya hair-care range, which is why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newly launched Youth Eternity Range. Being true to its very fundamentals, the all-new range incorporates the breakthrough in terms of the Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell Technology, promising to preserve our youthful beauty.

The 3-step Youth Eternity Range, comprises of – The Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream, The Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream, The Himalaya Youth Eternity Under-Eye Cream. Found in the pristine mountain slopes of the Alps, the Edelweiss flower constitutes as the main ingredient of the range. This flower possess the unique ability to preserve itself even in the harshest of climatic conditions. At Himalaya, the stem cells activating this regenerative and self-renewing power of the flower have been combined with the herbal active extracts of flowers like Rose Myrtle, Fire Flame Bush, Woodfordia and Cipadessia Baccifera, to create the potent that forms the base of this range.

I’ve used the products for over 4 weeks now. Though I couldn’t use them as the recommended 3-step routine, but here’s a brief of the results I’ve observed and felt after having used them.

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream – I’ve used the day cream daily. I love the fact that it is light, breathable and non-greasy but thoroughly moisturizing. It duly hydrates the skin, keeping it soft and supple for hours at end and comes with an SPF of 15. Not only that, the cream acts as a great base for my make-up as well. Over the course of 4 weeks, I’ve felt an enhanced luminance and evenness on my skin. I had a few pigmentation spots on my skin following the summer, which seem to be fading away.

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream – Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the night cream as suggested because three days into use, it started breaking me out. Hence, I discontinued using it. But then that’s my skin and its temperament. The product, otherwise, promises a smoother and an even skin tone with improved hydration and skin elasticity. It also assures reduced fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks. And, for better results do use it in combination with the Youth Eternity Day Cream.

The Himalaya Youth Eternity Under-Eye Cream – If I had to choose one favourite product among the three from the range, it would be this. I have used the under-eye cream without skipping it even for a day. It indeed works to instantly hydrate the sensitive under-eye skin making the eyes look brighter. I’ve also felt a significant reduction in those fine lines around the eyes along and a clearer and brighter under-eye. And, if you ask me this potion works best to combat those puffy, morning eyes.

Would you be giving this range a try? If yes, don’t forget to share your experience with me. You can always drop a comment, email me or drop me a message on Instagram. I look forward to a brighter, gorgeous you!

In this look: Crochet dress from H&M, diamond zodiac ring model’s own. Photography by Agamit. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLace. A T&L Réseau Production.

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