T&L 101 – How To Layer Like A New Yorker

If not a fashion lover, you definitely are an ardent fashion observer if you’ve stopped to read this post. The New York City look is well documented, but can be hard to define. Just like most of you, my idea of the classic New York dressing has stemmed from millions of street style images on Instagram, and Gossip Girl reruns ofcourse! I know, most of you would have tucked away your layers by now, but let this post be your prep-up for the next winter season.

Without further adieu, here’s our 101 on dressing and layering like a New Yorker –

Black, Black, Black – No surprises here! New Yorkers and their love for neutrals is well known. Neutrals instantly make even the most experimental silhouettes look sleek, sophisticated and wearable. Not to miss mentioning, how easy it becomes picking out clothes every morning.

Mix, Mix, Repeat – Once you’ve grabbed the neutrals from your wardrobe, start pairing and playing with different lengths, textures and silhouettes. This shall help keep your non-colour outfits from looking drab.

Invest, Invest, Invest – Meticulous layering is the key to surviving the NYC chill. The outermost layer usually comprises of a well-structured coat, blazer or a jacket which, thus, is your statement piece. It can burn a hole in your pocket, but is the key element in defining and putting the whole look together.

Accessorize and Accessorize – My observation states that New Yorkers take accessorizing very seriously. While you do spot some women draped in jewels and statement pieces, many like to keep it simple when it comes to jewellery. The jewellery being more to do with understated pieces with a hint of edge, like a structural gold necklace, a bunch of tiny rings or an architectural cuff.

Sunglasses All Day Long – You need them or you don’t is not the question. You need to wear them because they look good. Hence, get your best pair on!

Tread Much – New York is all about strutting non-stop across the city. Hence, having the right pair of shoes is non-negotiable. The city locals are masters at striking a balance between anything practical but unstylish (read bulky running shoes) and anything stylish but uncomfortable (read painfully high heels).

Nails, Nails, Nails – Personal maintenance is a serious business in the city. Having a good haircut, great skin, neat brows and thoroughly manicured hands go a long way in bringing together the entire look. Well, don’t you remember the effortless Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Bag It, Grab It – Much like sunglasses, a great bag is something they don’t miss including in the look. As it goes for colour and jewellery of choice, with bags as well the natives prefer the classics with a stronger design. You can find a mix of luxury designer labels and high street labels, but you got to have it with you.

Feminine Glam – Yes, you have strong, solid colours and cuts but New Yorkers never miss to add that one subtle element that screams dainty glam. A statement red lip, a cat eye or the Carrie Bradshaw pearls, it’s that one element that’s always the cherry on top.

Dress-Up But Not Too Much – Fundamentally, New Yorkers dress for comfort. Adding a nice touch or two is always the bonus. They balance relaxed clothing with more structured pieces and layer strategically. It’s about rolling your sleeves or untucking your shirt, just enough to look perfectly undone.

In this look: Forever 21 double breast blazer, Tailored sleeveless jacket, Mango turtle-neck, Marks and Spencer leggings, ZARA over-the-knee boots, Rayban round metal sunglasses, pearls and rings model’s own. Photography by Agamit. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLace. A T&L Réseau Production.

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