Spending That Wedding Budget Wisely

Spending That Wedding Budget

As we transcend into the second decade of this century, we find that the ‘Wedding Event’ scenario has changed drastically. Wedding trousseau today costs exponentially more than what it used to be traditionally. This has happened with the change in the fashion scenario that has made people more conscious about what they wear; and also of what people see them wearing. And wedding is the day when you are the center of attraction. Naturally every bride or groom wants to dazzle on that occasion. Consequently, wedding couture and trousseau now demands exclusivity. But is all the binging necessary to stand out? Here’s our take on the issue.

Influence of Media and Designers – Movies, TV channels and designers give so much importance to wedding couture that it perhaps gets hammered in the psyche that it is the best or nothing. Remember the essence are the vows and the rest are just to create memories around them.

Classics never go out of style – Fashion fads fade, classics don’t. So if you invest, invest in something that you shall appreciate years down the line.

No point binging in something you can’t use later – Consider an ensemble as the base that you can tone down in some way and use later. The glitters can come from the accessories. This way your investment does not stay put in a trunk or closet after that one-night stand with you.

Old is gold – Holding on to Heritage and Heart – Refurbishing and redesigning old gems of your loved ones help you flaunt a piece of your family saga on your special occasion.

Consider beyond the Wedding Day – Don’t sacrifice your personal style to accommodate the wedding finery. If you can equate with what you buy, chances are you shall use it in future too.

Finally, we would sign off speaking of couples who donate money for causes dear to their heart and choose to wed in pre-owned or even rented ensembles. Well, you may not go to that extent, and you may still feel special only with million buck ensembles; the choice is yours – but whatever you do, think well before you take the final call.

In this lookPlumtin floor-length anarkali, ALDO peep-toes, traditional Patiala Lotaans model’s own. Photography by Ashima Rai Zada. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLace. Penned by Soumyasree Chakraborty. A T&L Réseau Production. 

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