Must Try Spring Colour Combination For 2019

spring Colour Combination
Try Spring Colours
Colour Combinations For 2019
Must Try Spring Colours
Spring Colours

What colours rule your mind when I mention spring? Spring colour palettes dominantly include the baby pinks, soft lilacs, soothing blues and mint greens. This lighter spring colour palette is indicative of the transitional weather and a signal to all the brighter, sunnier days that are to follow. Outfit inspirations also include these spring colour pairings. However, this spring season I am adding another colour to my spring colour palette. Believe it or not, its plum.

Spring Colour Combinations
Must Try Colours
Spring Colour Combination For 2019
Spring Colours

Plum traditionally is an extremely pretty colour for fall/winter. But I feel if paired correctly, plum can work gorgeously for spring. With this outfit, I tried this interesting spring colour combination. In fact, it isn’t alone a pairing of two seasonally different colours but also a pairing of different textures. With my linen suit, I added this tweed asymmetrical peplum top. This dimensional blouse has a multi-coloured weave which made this spring colour combination sit well. For my make-up I kept the look leaning towards the darker shades of pink and plum to continue the tone of my outfit. Finally, to balance the look, I wore my favourite white kitten heels which gave the outfit the needed fall and brought these two colours from the spring palette together.

Colour Combination

In this look: Raymond linen tailored suit, ZARA textured peplum top, vintage wrist-watch model’s own, ZARA kitten heels. Photography by Agamit. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLace. A T&L Réseau Production. 

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