How To Do Gold Smokey Eyes – 6 Easy Steps

How To Do Gold Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone. Though it’s taken a while for this tutorial to come up, but I’m glad to be finally sharing this look. A lot of you had requested and voted on Instagram, for me to do the ‘Gold Smokey Eyes’ make-up tutorial and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you. I’ve started enjoying these easy, doable make-up looks and sharing them with you mainly because it gives me a chance to bring us (by us I mean the non-pro make-up girls) together and try creating something different and new, which otherwise we would have wanted but shirked trying our hand at.

For now, I’ll save all the talk and jump into the tutorial right away.

I created this ‘Gold Smokey Eyes’ look using the trusty – Maybelline Nudes – palette. Here’s how I achieved the look.

I’ve already prepped and moisturized my face for the look, and I’ve lined my upper and lower waterline using the – Rock The Line – kajal from Nykaa.

To begin with, I use the Bare Minerals – Max Coverage Concealer – brush to lay the gold colour from the palette flat on my eyes. I’ve dampened the brush a little using my regular toner. Dampening the brush always helps pick-up more product, and especially when working with metallics it helps the colour and it’s iridescence to come to the fore-front. I place the colour on the lids giving them a very dramatic, almost molten metal kind of look.

After giving the eyes a good base, I mix the darker metallic, chocolaty browns from the palette to define the eyes. I start by pressing the darker shades in the outer corner of the eye moving to blend the same inwards, creasing and defining the eyes. I also use the same darker shades to smoke the lower water line, making sure everything is soft and well blended. To achieve the ‘Gold Smokey Eyes’ effect, make sure to use the darker shades with a lighter hand keeping them soft and subtle.

Once done, I use the same gold shade with my finger tip and placed it gently just at the center of my eyelids, carefully pressing and placing the product on the surface. I give my eye-lashes a quick curl and layer them with mascara. Herein, I’ve used the – Benefit They’re Real – mascara.

Once done with the eyes, wipe off the product remains that usually drop down on the skin. And voila, you have your ‘Gold Smokey Eyes’. Time to start with your base. For this look, I used the – Make-Up Forever HD – in the shade N125 followed by the – M.A.C Peaches – blush to add some warmth and definition to my face. I then used the – Revlon 020 Rose Glow – palette on the high points of my face for just a touch of illumination. Lastly, I used the – M.A.C Mineralize Finish A25 – powder to set and matt the overall look.

I wanted to keep the lips real simple. I’ve used – Naughty Nude – from Nykaa to basically take out the red from the lips, keeping them a single tone so that the ‘Gold Smokey Eyes’ remain the focus of this look.


In this look: ZARA sleeveless blouse, ZARA blazer, SheIn coined earrings. Photography by Agamit. Concept, Direction and Styling by TrimmingsAndLace. A T&L Réseau Production.

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