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Detox Waters

You surely cannot have missed the shout-out that fitness experts, health enthusiasts, and even celebrities are giving to Detox or Infused Water! Suddenly, Detox or Infused Waters seem to be the magic potion giving us blooming health and even leading to weight loss. So, here is our attempt to scientifically explain the concept.

Detox Waters

What is detoxification? Detoxification in this context is removal of toxins from the body by flushing out through water.

What is detox or infused water? Detox water is a ceremonial name assigned to cold water that is infused with fruits, vegetables and/or herbs – oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, watermelons or mints, thyme, rosemary, cucumber, strawberries, etc. –  that are believed to enrich the fluid with vitamins and nutrients.

Is infused water detoxifying? Water is always good for the body. Infusing it with the goodness of fruits or herbs would make it even better. Hydrating eliminates the feeling of fatigue or bloating. Naturally a person feels more active and fresh.

Detox Water Helps in Weight loss? Nothing is clinically proven about detox water as such. However, staying hydrated in general is known to have positive effects on metabolic rate which may aid to weight loss. Infused water tastes refreshing which makes it easier for us to reach out to it more often.

Detox Waters

Detox Water – result oriented or fad? Whether infused water can bring about weight loss or detoxify the body is still highly debatable; but what no one can deny is the fact that this could be a healthy replacement to many caffeinated and sugary beverages we consume, and could actually give our lifestyle a healthy jumpstart!

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