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Welcome to TrimmingsAndLace.

Somewhere amidst the wiser walls of a B-School, the regular scarf was transformed into a pearl pinned cravat. The prescribed dressing norms were subtly hinged as coloured stockings and Blair Waldorf headbands made way. While excerpts from Andrew J. Sherman’s Mergers and Acquisitions were quoted, real life case studies only referred Vogue.

Fresh into the second year of her MBA in marketing and finance, Agam founded TrimmingsAndLace as a chronicle to her everyday style and an outlet to the passion she grew up nurturing.

TrimmingsandLace-About us

Post her MBA, Agam worked with an American consultancy firm as their business research analyst, documenting and drawing business inferences from the field of fashion and lifestyle. Agam successfully gelled the corporate humdrum with TrimmingsAndLace and continued to update this style diary. Agam recalls the 2012s and the 2013s as the most interesting time for blogging in India.

“The audience at large was opening up to the very concept of blogging, the industry was reacting to this stimuli, there was an intellectual camaraderie among all the blogging explorers and the created content was raw and organic. It was the most challenging, but certainly, the best time to be blogging.”

April 2014, Agam quit her job and established TrimmingsAndLace formally. The blogging industry boom accompanied with a global influence and exchange certainly meant an increased readership base for T&L as well. While relatable style looks for the regular Indian girl remained the core of what T&L did, the newer concepts of online influencer marketing and brand partnerships lead T&L to curate specific fashion and style based content, aimed at educating the reader and rightfully influencing their decision as a consumer to that product or service.

TrimmingsandLace-About us

Over the years, TrimmingsAndLace has evolved into a multi-faceted expression. In 2017, T&L made its maiden entrepreneurial diversion to be on the panel of UNFPA, designing and developing an educational module on Entrepreneurship for over 3 lakh students across India. Following the same, T&L now functions as a digital and life skills consultancy, joining hands with prominent organizations like IL&FS, Adobe India, Hyundai India, FICCI and the Ministry of Textiles. Agam is also Director Special Projects, U.P. Science Centre.

“For me TrimmingsAndLace today is a blank canvas. I believe in filling it up with stories – yours and ours. I believe in dreams, struggles and victories – yours and ours. I believe in the power of a loving hand to nurture young girls into becoming strong, confident and powerful women determined to not give up on their dreams. I believe in the power of an outfit to make us become who we really want to be. And most importantly, I believe in words and their ability to bring us all together.”

For styling sessions, The Power of Dressing-Up workshops, marketing opportunities, product reviews, and advertisements, please feel free to connect with us at – agam@trimmingsandlace.com.