6 Drugstore Products For Gorgeous Skin

Having overly sensitive skin can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. I say so because it takes away the pressure (some may say the adventure) of trying and testing new products, and you end up developing a life-long relation with the only few products that work best for your skin. This post comes from no in-depth research but the latter aspect of having sensitive skin, with the added advantage of saving some major bucks while doing your skin some major good.

Aveeno (Daily Moisturizing Lotion) – Aveeno has been among the most recognized products across the globe for ages. And for all well substantiated reasons. I was introduced to Aveeno, surprisingly not, by relatives visiting us from US, bringing the super-sized saver bottle among the gifts. Since then, it has stuck with me on my dressing table. For any skin types, in any skin phase Aveeno works wonders. My added pointer here will be that it can also work well on minor burns and cuts. Even better, Aveeno is now available in India. (Shop)

Ponds (Moisturizing Cold Creme) – Remember your mom smearing your face with this one before you headed out for school? And later came the extremely popular pinching cheeks campaign. That memory has made Ponds my life-long companion. I still love to load my face with this one and I still love that extra oiled look. For me that is the belief that the product is actually working on my skin. It is also is great in taking off my make-up…to the last bit. (Shop)

Innisfree (Capsule Recipe Rice Pack) – The store staff at Innisfree helped me pick this mask. You’ll be amazed at the benefits and wonders it does to your skin and at that price. The rice mask is a sleeping mask, that is, you wear it on a cleansed face before going to bed and wash it off the next morning. It leaves your skin well-hydrated, brighter and clearer in one go. If you’re someone who loves and wants a happy, healthy skin but cannot find enough time to go into the whole routine, do give this one a try! (Shop)

Burt’s Bees (Beeswax Lip Balm) – Another cult product. I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees lip balm for years now and I simply love it. It moisturizes the lips for hours on go, does away with all the dryness and flakiness and has all the amazing benefits a lip balm should offer. My favourite has to be the pomegranate one. (Shop)

Parachute Coconut Oil – Your whole ‘oils for skin’ theory might go for a toss when I mention that I swear by the good old Parachute oil. Coconut oils are known to do wonders for skin and hair, and with all the fancy,  pure, virgin, varieties available on the shelf, it’s understandable if this one missed your attention. This particular oil works great to soak your skin in moisture and if used regularly also works to lessen the appearance of any marks or scars. My tip would be to be very generous in application, massaging it well into your skin and preferably leaving it overnight. (Shop)

Miniso (Hyaluronic Acid Essence Toner) – There’s a funny story as to how I got hooked to this product. My sister was traveling to Singapore when I told her to pick from a list a products that contained glycolic acid. The list was missed but my sister remembered something that had some acid and ended up picking this essence for me that contains hyaluronic acid. And, I am so glad that she did. This toner cum essence works to lift the dullest of skin instantly waking and plumping it up. I always reach out for it whenever my skin feels dehydrated and dry and it works its magic in seconds. The product isn’t available online, but retails through the Miniso stores across India.

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